Monday, June 10, 2013

Pig’s flat nose

Once upon a time, the pigs looked similar to the dogs and ate grass like the goats. They were very arrogant and their grunt could be heard miles around. The animals found it difficult to sleep at night due to the grunts.  A piglet named Onk was very fond of laying a bet with the other animals and often won the wager but he was very silly. The other animals wanted to teach the pigs a lesson for disturbing their peaceful night came up with a plan.

Monkey said, “lets invite Onk for a race.”

The others readily agreed.

They approached the silly piglet and invited him for a race. The animals choose the swiftest runner-the cheetah to race with the piglet who readily agreed.

The race began and the cheetah and piglet ran as fast as they could. Onk proved to be a very swift runner and the competition was getting very interesting. The animals cheered the two runners. There was just the last bend and the few feet away from the bend was the finishing line. Onk put his best effort and raced as fast as his little legs could carry him and he reached the little bend ahead of the cheetah. Victory was at his reach when he suddenly tripped and fell headlong towards a huge tree that stood on the bend.

 “BANG” he hit the tree.

The others rushed towards him and helped him on his feet. They found his nose bleeding and took him to the wise monkey who had treatment to the entire ailments. The monkey put on a bandage over his nose and asked him to remove it after a week.

Onk was feeling miserable for having lost the race and he had to spend a week with bandage over his nose. 

After a week, he removed his bandage and went to meet the other animals. The other animals stared at him but did not say anything. They did not even ask him to pay the wager he had lost. He found it weird. He went home worried. His mother opened the door and screamed. She pointed at Onk and kept on screaming. The other pigs came to find out what had happened and started to grunt in unison. It was only then Onk realized about his nose. He felt it and found that the contours of his nose had changed. At first he was enraged at the monkey and wanted to beat the daylight out of him but then he realized that he could not change his nose and ran away far into the wilderness. He was so ashamed about his appearance that he started living in the swamp eating whatever he could lay his hands on. As years passed he forgot to eat grass and his offspring resembled him.

Thus it is believed that pigs paid hard price for Onk’s foolishness and bad luck and remained flat nosed even today.

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