Saturday, October 23, 2010

Greedy Friends

Long ago there lived two friends. They were best of friends. They were always seen together. One day they planned to go and rob a lonely lady whose mother had died a few days earlier. As per their plan, they agreed that one of them would hide at the cremation ground where the dead mother had been cremated while the other would go to the lady’s house. The other friend went to her house and told the lady that he was sent by her late mother to bring her gold coins so that she could present it to the god of death in order to go to heaven.

The lucky son

Once upon a time there lived a mother and her son. The mother was growing old and her son in his teens was utterly a useless boy, an absolute burden to his aging mother. He simply ate like a giant and slept like a pig. The mother was very worried to see her son, who was least bothered.

One day the lazy son wanted to go on a business trip. The mother was thrilled about her son’s idea.

The lucky wise man

Long ago, there lived a man who was known for being wise and genius and people from far and wide came to seek his advice.

One day a caravan of people led by a minister arrived at his humble dwelling. They were the representatives of a king from a neighbouring kingdom. The king had sent them to seek his valuable advice to safeguard his reign. As the request was from the king of the neighbouring kingdom, the wise man honoured his invitation and they immediately proceeded to the king’s palace.

The Half Burnt Log

Once there lived a couple. The husband was a merchant who had to travel to distant places to sell his goods. One day he was on a business trip, leaving behind his pregnant wife. He travelled for many days and nights exchanging goods in different places.

The yeti’s Wife

(This story comes from Eastern Bhutan. I heard this story from my grandfather as I was helping him to herd our family cattle when we used to live in the village)

Long ago, Tshomo, a teenage girl lived with her parents in a remote village. They made their living by herding cattle. They took turn to graze their cattle in different grazing ground in different seasons. The cattle were shifted up in the highland in the summer and brought back to the villages in the winter.One summer, Tshomo was looking after her herd with her friends when she wandered a little further than her usual place. When she realized that she retraced her path but soon discovered that she had lost her way. Climbing up a top of a hill she shouted for HELP but no one came. Dusk was creeping in, so she started crying. A dark shadow appeared in front of her horrifying her and she fainted. It picked her up and carried her towards the interior of the mountains.