Monday, June 10, 2013

Pig’s flat nose

Once upon a time, the pigs looked similar to the dogs and ate grass like the goats. They were very arrogant and their grunt could be heard miles around. The animals found it difficult to sleep at night due to the grunts.  A piglet named Onk was very fond of laying a bet with the other animals and often won the wager but he was very silly. The other animals wanted to teach the pigs a lesson for disturbing their peaceful night came up with a plan.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Elephant’s tales - A real story

I met this lady who had come to see me one Sunday. We talked about her life since she had left her native village in Tashigang and got settled with a Lhotsampa husband too far away from her home. She shared her experience about her encounter with wild elephants that wanders into the southern villages in search of food during the summer and autumn season especially when the paddy is ripe. Hearing her encounter with elephants gave me shivers and made my hair stand on its end. Here is an incident shared to me.